24 June 2013

Hire the Google Way: Behavioral Interviewing

Google: GPAs are worthless | Technically Incorrect - CNET News: " . . . Google is now tending toward something called "behavioral interviewing." This seems to involve actually wondering what you're really like and how you really live, think, and act. Explained Bock: "The interesting thing about the behavioral interview is that when you ask somebody to speak to their own experience, and you drill into that, you get two kinds of information. One is you get to see how they actually interacted in a real-world situation, and the valuable 'meta' information you get about the candidate is a sense of what they consider to be difficult." So now you know how Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson managed to even squeeze into consideration at America's largest-brained organization. Google now knows what it really needs. Said Bock: "You want people who like figuring out stuff where there is no obvious answer." Yes, indeed. It's just like trying to find the perfect lover."

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch: " . . . . persistence is not the self-help cliche “Keep going until you hit the finish line!”. The key slogan is, “Keep failing until you accidentally no longer fail.” That’s persistence." - James Altucher

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