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- Guide to Starting a Corporation

- Venture Capital for High Technology Companies

- Angel/Seed Financing Survey – 2012: Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries

- Trends in Terms of Venture Financings – Q2 2013

- Explanation of VC Survey Terms

- Raising Initial Funding

- Key Service Agreement Issues: Service Providers Checklist

- Legal FAQ: Introduction to Patent Law

- A Patent Portfolio Development Strategy for Start-Up Companies

- Developing a Patent Strategy

- A Framework for Identifying Inventions Worth Patenting

- Excerpt from Guide to Starting a Corporation:

This guide describes certain basic considerations and costs involved in forming a Delaware or California corporation. Although Delaware and California law are emphasized, the legal concepts are much the same in other states. One important tip is that you should avoid making business decisions in a vacuum. Instead, consider how a decision may impact future alternatives. For example, an improperly priced sale of common stock to founders immediately followed by a sale of preferred stock may result in a significant tax liability to the founders. Another example is that converting a limited liability company into a corporation immediately before the business is acquired, rather than at an earlier time, may prevent the transaction from being tax-free.

This guide is only an overview, particularly as to tax issues and cannot substitute for a professional advisor’s analysis and recommendations based on your individual fact situations when establishing your business.

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Legal Resource Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs | Fenwick & West LLP - JDSupra

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