17 April 2013

Jack Dorsey, Square, entrepreneurship

JACK DORSEY: How to start, that's the hardest thing to do. It's about taking risks, whether you're starting your business or work in an organization, whatever charity or cause. It's about the attitude of strong purpose and conviction . . . It's about having that idea and the execution (source infra)

Twitter's Jack Dorsey on entrepreneurship - CBS News: "Co-founder (Jim McKelvey) also a St. Louis native wasn't able to sell glass art because he didn't accept credit cards (McKelvey was unable to process a $2,000 transaction). We took a month and thought about how to enable him to make transactions, came up with this device. It worked and we showed it to people. Square charges a transaction fee of 2.75 percent. It's unheard of because no one has done that before."

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch: " . . . . persistence is not the self-help cliche “Keep going until you hit the finish line!”. The key slogan is, “Keep failing until you accidentally no longer fail.” That’s persistence." - James Altucher

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