20 March 2013

The Pressures on Founders

An article worth reading and pondering--

Should We Talk about the Fact That Jody Sherman Didn't Just Die, But That He Killed Himself?  - LAUNCH -: ". . . . Perhaps we owe it to these three amazing humans to examine if the pressures of being a founder, the pressure of our community's relentless pursuit of greatness, in some way contributed to their deaths? I've always believed that being a founder is an unhealthy pursuit at times, and few have disagreed -- certainly not those who have done it. Read any biography of a successful founder and you'll find collateral damage around -- and certainly in -- those individuals. Startups are a full-contact sport. This is a good time for all of us to pause and think about why we're doing this. And the impact it's having on us and the people around us. I'm not an expert on suicide, but I am an expert on being a founder. Many of the founders I know have been desperate, depressed and overwhelmed in their careers. For everyone that shared this with me, I'm certain 10 more didn't. Could these deaths have been avoided? Perhaps. Is it worth exploring why this happens and if it is, in fact, a trend? Absolutely. . . . ."

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch: " . . . . persistence is not the self-help cliche “Keep going until you hit the finish line!”. The key slogan is, “Keep failing until you accidentally no longer fail.” That’s persistence." - James Altucher

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